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Thank you for checking out my work.


Growing up in Northern New York on the Canadian border between Ottawa and Montreal gave me a hearty constitution and healthy tolerance for both winter weather and traffic when I relocated to Boston after college. New England grew on me quickly, and I’ve been here ever since.


In addition to my passion for graphic design, I love exploring color, pattern, texture, line, etc. with mixed media using a more intuitive and unstructured process. Check out some of my work here.


One of my life’s passion projects was writing a children’s book that I co-illustrated with Ralph Masiello in 2011. The story was created around a semi-autobiographical character named Abigail who lived in a large and creepy Victorian house modeled after the house that Ralph and I shared at the time. The book was largely conceived out of my love for children’s literature, visual journaling and mythology. I wanted to create a story with a wealth of interesting tidbits and visual stimuli for young readers who might be reluctant to pick up a book. Check out some spreads here, and if you’re interested, buy it here.


Outside of visual and literary pursuits, I keep sane with meditation, writing, walking and cooking. Since my children have gone on to college, I’ve been exploring my fascination with theater by taking acting classes and performed in my first musical this past winter. My next project this spring will be diving into all things nautical and new adventures with my sailboat! Stay tuned...

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